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I’m going to become an archeologist!

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, things have been busy. I’ve been making some major life changes. One of these is a decision to go back to college. It’s a bit scary thinking about this at 25, but I am confident that this is exactly where I need to be.

Next school year I will be starting university with a major in archeology. I can choose to focus more on anthropology or classics (Greece and Rome), I think I will favor classics. I will be taking as many medieval history classes as I can fit in. My goal is to get my masters and travel the world unveiling history.

This year I’ll take a single class each semester to get “back in the groove” of school so it’s not such a shock when I start full time studies. They also have a program where you can go to Greece or Rome for a month in the summer to study- I REALLY want to do that!! 😀

So all that being said, once I start classes I may begin posting some of the information I’m learning in class about ancient history and such. I hope you will enjoy it.


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