About (Please Read!)

Ancient Musings is a collection of images, articles, and videos that I have collected on the themes of Medieval, Celtic, Renaissance, with a bit of related fantasy thrown in. I post things that I find beautiful and interesting as a way to share my findings with others. I do not make money on this blog- this is just for fun.

I do not claim the rights to any materials unless expressly stated, and I intend no copyright infringement. Some of these pictures were purchased through Shutterstock, but most of the general post images were found on Pinterest and Google search. In most cases I do not know who the original owner or author is. I try to include credit and links when possible, but most of the images I find have been circulated around the internet numerous times and credit has been lost along the way.

If you are the owner, please let me know and I’ll either give you credit for the image or take it down, whichever you prefer. If you know where the image originated from or who the owner is, please comment with the information and I will give them full credit in the post. 

Videos are linked from youtube, articles will always have the original link included. 




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